Rui Tachibana (橘 瑠衣 Tachibana Rui) is one of the main protagonists of Domestic na Kanojo. She is the Step-Sister of Natsuo Fujii and the younger sister of Hina Tachibana.

Background Edit

Appearance Edit

Rui is a beautiful girl with short blue hair and bright red eyes. In most of the manga, she is often seen wearing her uniform, which consists of the standard white collar shirt, sweater vest, and a plaid skirt. After graduating high school, she is often seen in casual clothes or wearing a chef’s uniform for work, and occasionally she’ll wear pretty clothes on the monthly dates with Natsuo.

Personality Edit

Rui is unwilling to talk to people not having friends. As her first meeting at a mixer to meeting new people. Thinking that it was boring, she willingly asked Natsuo to skip out of the mixer with another pretense to have him sex with her mainly to understand how it feels.

Rui appears to be a very kind and loving girl through out the manga despite her cold and blank expression often shown. Although she acted cold towards Natsuo Fuji in the first couple of chapters, it is revealed Rui has feelings for her step-brother but is conflicted in being able to express them.

Acquaintances Edit

  • Natsuo Fujii

He is Rui's step-sibling after their parents arranged a remarriage. Though both have already known each other after their one night stand, Rui personally wanted him to forget all that has happened. Their relation can be a mixture of sibling like approach. However after Rui over thought everything of how she feels about Natsuo, she nevertheless accepted the fact she is in love with him. Rui has been Natsuo's strength ever since the start.

At present, Rui is Natsuo's girlfriend and their relationship and both were former members of their high school's Literature Club.

  • Hina Tachibana

She is Rui's elder sister. Deep within their relationship, they both envy their own personalities with Hina wanted Rui's attitude and vice versa. Though they respect each other because they have best bond as sisters, and will be on the line of one of them felt at the bottom.

Hina was Natsuo's ex girlfriend and because of it their relationship created a bit of a rift. Yet ever since Hina gave up to their relationship after being found out by the school authorities, Rui never made advantage to it. Instead, Natsuo fell for her deeply since finally found out she was his light.

  • Momo Kawashibara

Momo is Rui's high school best friend and fellow former club mate. They first encounter is a pleasant one but filled with contradictions due to Momo's influence at school as a "whore". But then Rui never acknowledged the rumors hence she respected her for someone battling the atmosphere created by their fellow school mates.

  • Miu Kawashibara

Miu is Rui's fellow clubmate and fellow second year. She is their club's President, fellow bookworm, and a shy type who can't talk straight towards the public. Rui first thought of her as a rival towards Natsuo, however in the end, Miu has a one sided love for their club advisor and teacher, Reiji Kiriya. Miu was always the first one to be targeted by Momo's pranks such as flipping up her skirt.

Character Plot Edit

Prior to the start of the story, Rui's family was whole until their father left them because of his mistress. This lead into their parent's divorcement, with Rui and her elder sister Hina into their mother's side. Ever since then, their mother couldn't stop bad mouthing her father, this kept her hating that aspect of her mother. However as the story progressed, Rui's mother changed after falling in love into someone.

First Encounter Edit

At the start of the story, Rui was invited by her class mates to attend a mixer. This was her first encounter with Fujii Natsuo, whom was also forced to go. Agreeing to the fact they were not used to this stuff, Rui and Natsuo skipped the mixer with her pretense of wanting him for something. The two strolled into the streets into her house which was empty at the time and then they headed straight to her room.

Without further ado, Rui asked Natsuo to have a sex with her, not just because she wanted to but for experiencing what it really feels. Saying she doesn't plan to have a boyfriend of whatsoever, Rui used the fact that Natsuo is inexperienced for this; adding that it's be best so she can evaded being forcefully raped. Natsuo agreed to her reasoning hence they had their one night stand.

Remarriage Edit

After that night, both never met again, until they found out that their parents will be having a remarriage. This made them dumbfounded, Natsuo in fact was more confused since his crush (Hina) and Rui (his first in bed) will becoming his step-siblings. As their visit to the Fujii resident was almost over, Rui acknowledged her mother remarriage and doesn't care because it's for the sake of her mother's happiness thus leaving Natsuo the decision on his own.

As the next week came, Rui, Hina, and their mother transferred into a second hand house Mr. Fujii bought. A while later, Natsuo and his father arrive with a transfer cargo can. She and Natsuo met at the second floor, agitated to his reactions when seeing her, Rui requested him to pretend that it never happened for the sake of making another problem for their new family. As they finished their work assembling every nooks and crannies, all of them ate dinner.

Rui's sister went out of the bathroom topless, only to get sermon from their mother. Rui entered the bathroom next and as she went out of it, she saw Natsuo kneeling at the sofa; ready to steal a kiss from her sister but he aborted after seeing Rui.

Friendless Transfer Student Edit

The next day, Rui was transfered to the school Natsuo goes into and also at the same section. She was surrounded by her new classmates wanting to know her more but her bashfulness stops her from communicating. Rui stared to Natsuo's curly hair and told him it's too messy. She was about to answer his question as she brought up about them now living in the same roof when Natsuo dragged her out of their room.

They both headed outside the school building to talk about her transfer and with it is their now relationship as step-siblings; which he really can't call it official because Rui and Hina still uses Tachibana rather than Fujii. However, Rui brushed everything and guess what Natsuo wanted to say-- Never talk to one another.

Natsuo persuaded her to talk to him at lunch, and was insecure to her eating lunch alone. Then suddenly Rui managed to tell him about her past; she envied her sister's energetic side and her friendly nature. She also went too far by copying the way of her speech though Rui still failed to make friends. That's why she ended up as a silent typo girl. Yet Natsuo couldn't stand it, to the reason he doesn't wanted her to be like that forever, and decided to help her out on her friendless struggle by doing some impromptu conversation as it lead astray of their topic. Their short comedy lead to the burst of laughter inside their room and the atmosphere Rui seem to be scared of disappeared; albeit she remains shy towards her classmates.